NCAD + UCD is a collaborative academic venture, encompassing teaching projects, research initiatives, cross-institutional programmes and events, with a view to deepening the relationship between both institutions.

The venture aims to identify, examine and develop the potential practical and operational synergies resulting from closer ties between the two institutions.

In October 2013, UCD and NCAD received funding under the HEA Strategic Innovation and Development Fund (SIDF) 2013.  From the funding allocated, a project was established, as well as an associated project team, with a timeline of June 2014 to September 2015.
The purpose of the project is, as both are in the higher education structure and there is a close relationship as NCAD is a recognised college of UCD:
The project draws on existing and previous planning processes, on models of  best practice internationally, and on HEA and government policy. Work to date has centred primarily on creating and developing collaborative  opportunities, with a focus on fostering and creating collaborative academic initiatives as well as operational synergies in the area of international student recruitment. NCAD + UCD is using this collaboration as a means of exploring the relationship between the two institutions. This experience, in conjunction with further research, will contribute to a greater development of the relationship between UCD and NCAD as the project progresses. The maintenance of institutional, faculty, school and college identities is of central importance to this project and has informed the full range of activities to date. The particular strength of the NCAD + UCD alliance lies in the range and variety of practices and disciplines represented across both institutions. As such, a number of strands have been identified, click here for more information on the Project Strands.