Project & Seed Funding Call – Creative Arts and Critical Cultures

Supported by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland, the NCAD +UCD venture aims to identify, examine and develop the potential practical and operational synergies resulting from closer ties between the two institutions. The venture encompasses teaching projects, research initiatives, and cross-institutional programmes and events, with a view to deepening the relationship between NCAD and UCD.

This Seed Funding Call seeks to encourage closer collaboration and support the establishment of a new shared NCAD + UCD academic research centre in Creative Arts and Critical Cultures. The funding scheme will provide support for projects that are ambitious and innovative and that will lead to new knowledge and capacities. It offers staff and postgraduate students the opportunity to apply for internal funding to enhance existing and future activities.

This competitively-awarded funding is open to staff and registered postgraduate students of UCD and NCAD, in any department and discipline. Funding will be awarded to projects that involve interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote cross-overs between artistic activity, cultural production and intellectual engagement. A maximum of €5,000 will be awarded to any one project (smaller applications are also encouraged).

Terms & Conditions

1. Projects must demonstrate their relationship to and contribution towards the overall NCAD + UCD alliance.
2. Applicants must be either members of UCD/NCAD Staff or registered postgraduate students, and must hold an employment contract (staff) or be fully registered (students) for the duration of the award.
3. Participation of at least one applicant from each university is required to be eligible.
4. Awarded funding must be used by December 2015.
5. All supported projects will be expected to submit a final report and project descriptions that will be published on the NCAD + UCD website (

Funding Details

A total fund of €30,000 has been made available to support projects. A maximum of €5,000 will be awarded to any one project (smaller applications are also encouraged). Value for money is a key criterion. Applicants should only seek amounts that are justifiable for the delivery of proposed outcomes.

Eligible Costs

Organisation of coursework, events, workshops and exhibitions. Dissemination of research (including publications, and development of digital platforms and outputs). Travel and subsistence. Short-term project development assistance. Consumables and materials specifically required for a project. Staff replacement costs are not eligbile.

Application Categories

Dissemination & Outputs

  • publication arising from research
  • development of online resources

Conferences & Events

  • research presentation at conferences
  • publication of display materials at a conference
  • hosting a conference, workshop, or other event in UCD / NCAD
  • travel & subsistence costs for visiting artists, lecturers, scholars

Taught Course Development

  • travel & subsistence costs for visiting artists, lecturers, scholars contributing to taught modules
  • travel funding for research which directly supports taught module development
  • short-term project development assistance

Evaluation and Scoring

An assessment panel comprised of academics from both institutions (and two external assessors) will review all applications; its decisions will be final.  Panel members will review applications based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance: project is relevant to the NCAD + UCD alliance, and the Creative Arts / Critical Cultures theme. Yes/No
  2. Quality: clear outline of how the project engages with relationships between artistic activity, cultural production and intellectual engagement. 30%
  3. Impact: project will disseminate knowledge, increase awareness and enhance the profile of the participants and the institutions involved. 30%
  4. Value for money: applicants should provide a clear and reasonable budget justification (noting reference to any potential co-funding). 20%
  5. Applicants: suitability and capacity to deliver project. 20%
  6. Barriers to completion: identify factors that might prevent the completion of the project. Yes/No


The scheme opens on 23 February 2015 with a submission closing date of 16 March 2015. Award announcements will be made on the third week of April 2015.

Successful projects must be completed by the end of December 2015.


Apply here


Any questions regarding the seed funding scheme, the website, application form or noticeboard should be emailed to the NCAD-UCD Project Coordinator Amy Smith: