Successful Projects

Congratulations to the following staff and students of both institutions for their successful applications to the NCAD + UCD Creative Arts and Critical Cultures seed funding call:

  • Fiona Whelan and Alan Mee: ‘Socially Engaged Art and the City: A partnership between NCAD+UCD Dublin and Stockyard Institute Chicago ‘
  • Lisa Godson and Kathleen James-Chakraborty: ‘Modern Sacred Architecture in Ireland and Germany’
  • Maeve Cooke and Francis Halsall: ‘Conversations as Critique’
  • Alice Feldman and Nuala Hunt: ‘Symposium: Uncomfortable Encounters, Disruptive Pedagogies: Critical Explorations at the Intersections of Art and Research Practices’
  • Thomas Oldfield and Marcus Hanratty: ‘CEW Design Tool’
  • Benjamin R Cowan and Emma Creighton: ‘The UCD+NCAD Creative Technology Network – Building a Community for Inter-disciplinary Design and HCI’
  • Kate Matthews and Andrew Folan: ‘Radiography Science through Art’
  • Muthu Thangaramanujam and Enda O’Dowd: ‘What is a real limb? Exploring boundaries between Art and Anatomy…’
  • Laura Keogh: ‘A Platform for Collaboration: An Examination of the Interconnected Teaching Methodologies of Art and Special Needs Education’