In Situ: Urban

IN SITU : A Proposition for Situated Learning.

The NCAD + UCD programme nurtures joint activity which will expand and enhance pedagogic, research and outreach capacities of each institution. In the short term, internationally credible educational opportunities in art, architecture and design, with the broader creative arts, will develop further the sectoral contribution to necessary social, cultural and economic renewal, configured in a specific context, through innovative and engaged practice.

The IN SITU proposition is that opportunities presented by working ‘in situ’ – specifically in Dublin 8 – and engaging with issues of urbanism, urban ecologies and sustainable communities, will involve engaged creativities and situated learning, in ‘real world’
socio-economic/cultural settings, combining ‘software’ and ‘hardware’ innovation.

IN SITU will involve joint practise based activities, leading to the development of joint programmes and partnerships/interactions with a range of relevant statutory bodies and local non-statutory agencies and organisations, already engaged the UCD School of Architecture and with NCAD, also with other programme areas in UCD.

IN SITU will expand the academy into the ‘street’, connecting communities of interest with communities of place, in education, in creative practice, in social settings, in health and well being environments, in cultural and economic settings – locally, nationally and internationally. Prototype programming will take place over the next period leading to an International Summer School in July 2015.

IN SITU will build on real world learning to create, thereafter, a suite of engaged undergraduate and post graduate programmes, consistent with the stated strategies of both UCD School of Architecture and NCAD, in relation to graduate education and research, understood as processes of engagement.